Finally put out another song!! :DD

2012-12-06 23:44:03 by stunkel

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't posted any music in forever, but.... I JUST POSTED A NEW SONG!! It's called Calm Mind! It's an orchestral piece as I usually do :P

I haven't posted in a while.... Like two weeks... But now I think I am back into my two songs a week schedule for a while! I hopefully won't get sidetracked because I really want to keep up with this schedule.

But anyways.... If you read down this far, I really appreciate you reading all the way down here!! :D I'm surprised if you are this interested in what I have to say, and it makes me happy that you are taking the time to read this! So thank you!!!

Also! Here is my youtube channel! Subscribing does help me out, but if you don't want to, I totally understand.
Thanks for reading!


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2012-12-07 16:41:30

good job

stunkel responds:

Thank you! :D