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That ending was incredible. Nice work I really thought it was great

Nice! You never see films like this! Just something that makes you feel good about yourself! Nice work!


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I DID IT!!! The last levels were really east. But it took me about 40 minutes to beat it all. Also... are we playing as the guy in the Portal 2 Logo? It seems that way. Pretty good game though

Awesome idea. Great work!

I laughed really hard when i first saw the dragon running around. It's sooo awesome! But anyways, I can really see some donkey kong country inspiration to this game. Lots of secrets and random challenges to come by... The gameplay can be boring at times though. I'm not sure what it is, but the game needs another perk or challenge other than enemies. The fire breathing is a little too basic, although it is ideal for a dragon... but it needs something like maybe killing enemies and being able to throw them. It needs a bit more of a challenge I guess is what I'm getting at. But the game is friendly and fun, so nice work.

3.5/5 stars


lartar responds:

Hi, Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, for sure will take on consideration for next version. We have a really nice feedback for the game so we are looking to add new features for the dragon.
And we take some inspiration from old SNES games and DK is one of our favorites. ;)

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Came on here for the first time in a while and decided to check what you've been making. Glad you're making some music still man. Hope you're doing well!

NGADM Review:

So really, there is nothing bad to say about this track, it's just that it's one minute long which i had to take off a lot of points for. In comparison to a complete 3-4 minute track with emotional buildups and drops, I can't really give this a complete score :/

I reallllly was hoping for something big from you, but computer issues can suck... Honestly though, this is probably your best work in terms of production. I really enjoyed what I heard in this so far. I can tell you absolutely improved a ton through NGADM, and I really look forward to hearing what else you come up with in the future. Keep up the good work :)



NGADM Review:

The expression in this is wonderful. Anytime I think of someone who creates realistic orchestrations, you are my go to person. It all just sounds so awesome man. There really isn't a lot of negative in the track. The reason I gave it a 9.3, was because I just didn't feel moved emotionally entirely by the track. I also felt that there could be more reverb on the strings, at least the lead (this is where it was most prominent). The strings felt a little weird on some attacks and releases at time as well. I understand that it can be difficult to make it sound perfect, but I think that just adding a little bit more reverb could have helped a lot with masking those glitches/sequencing issues. Besides that though, the expression of the strings cannot be beaten. The vibrato on them is moving and fits the style of this song in particular perfectly (on a side note, what strings are they and how did you do it?). Anyways, this was a killer track man. Keep it up. Hope to see you next year.


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I thought that the thumbnail was a picture of Temmie from Undertale. Still an awesome work of art though!

I like this a lot

Oh no...

Hey guys! I am looking to create music for movies, video games and also as a solo artist! My music page http://soundcloud.co m/ryan-stunkel If you are interested in using my music then please send me a message with your request!

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