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I DID IT!!! The last levels were really east. But it took me about 40 minutes to beat it all. Also... are we playing as the guy in the Portal 2 Logo? It seems that way. Pretty good game though

Awesome idea. Great work!

I laughed really hard when i first saw the dragon running around. It's sooo awesome! But anyways, I can really see some donkey kong country inspiration to this game. Lots of secrets and random challenges to come by... The gameplay can be boring at times though. I'm not sure what it is, but the game needs another perk or challenge other than enemies. The fire breathing is a little too basic, although it is ideal for a dragon... but it needs something like maybe killing enemies and being able to throw them. It needs a bit more of a challenge I guess is what I'm getting at. But the game is friendly and fun, so nice work.

3.5/5 stars


lartar responds:

Hi, Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, for sure will take on consideration for next version. We have a really nice feedback for the game so we are looking to add new features for the dragon.
And we take some inspiration from old SNES games and DK is one of our favorites. ;)

Wow, just amazing. Nice work

So basically this game was extremely addicting... I loved it haha. Although it was very repetitive, I just wanted to keep playing more and more! It was kinda weird how it worked out... But I knew there was a better upgrade to get after the one I already have. But once I upgraded all of the way, I was pretty much done. But it was awesome. And it lasted me a very long time for a flash game like this. Nice work guys!

Wow, very fun haha

SO FUN! :D The best is the giraffe that bounces all around when he walks. Awesome game!

This game is pretty awesome. But it's too short :( I like how you set up objectives and how there was a store to improve your score! Nice job!

Very difficult... i had a lot of fun though. Very original and very nice idea and it has a nice steady pace and progressively gets more difficult. Nice work! :D

4.5/5 stars

Very fun game! I love how you can manipulate objects around you like moving boxes and stuff. Really adds an awesome touch to the game. I didn't really understand how to get past level 13 unfortunately. I got stuck there. Not sure if its a glitch or I am just too dumb to figure it out -_- But I really do like the style of the game. Occasionally going through a wall of the game (which is supposed to drop you out of the opposite side) doesn't drop me to the other side and leaves me stuck there. But when I replay the level it works fine the very next time fortunately. Adding new gameplay features like clicking stuff to destroy them is a nice touch. It keeps people interested in the game for sure. Another thing about this game is the music. It is good, but it repeats over and over... It gets a little annoying after a while. There are key changes which change it up a little... but it really is just the same melody over and over. Have some more music for the game next time please :3 Overall though. it's a great game. Nice work!

4/5 stars

Hey guys! I am looking to create music for movies, video games and also as a solo artist! My music page http://soundcloud.co m/ryan-stunkel If you are interested in using my music then please send me a message with your request!

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