50 FANS! :DD

2012-12-12 11:45:55 by stunkel

I JUST HIT 50 FANS EVERYONE!! :D Thank you to everyone who has listened to all of my music! I really appreciate it!! Thanks guys for all of the help, feedback, and everything!

I will be posting soon!!

Also! Check out my youtube channel and Facebook page!



Thanks for reading everyone!


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2012-12-12 12:34:03

horry shit, i added you by accident

stunkel responds:

Oh DX Well thanks for adding me anyways haha


2012-12-12 15:20:30

Jelly! :/

Jk! That's excellent man, looking forward to your next song! :)

stunkel responds:

XD You will be passed me in no time!

Thanks though! Will be posting soon!


2012-12-12 18:43:14

I should un-add you, make it 49! (troll alerts!)

stunkel responds:

Fine, I don't even want you in my 50 fans list! :P


2012-12-15 20:12:00

Congrats! :P

stunkel responds:

Thanks man!