Not making a song this week

2013-01-19 19:49:03 by stunkel

I'm going to be working on dreams of splendor all week, so no song this week. But I will be uploading my dreams of splendor song next wednesday, and you all can hear what may be my best song yet. I've been working on it since the contest started in early january or late december (Can't remember which one DX) But I am going to make sure this song is perfect for uploading.

So be prepared for my best song yet.


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2013-01-25 12:35:59


I'm rooting for you.

stunkel responds:

Thanks :3 I'm rooting for you too!


2013-01-27 06:33:47

I highly doubt I'll have my submission ready in time. But I can't wait to hear yours. Best of luck Lord Stunkel!

stunkel responds:

Thanks Halindir! I hope you get yours out in time! The song is done, I just need to name it which is a real pain