2013-02-05 15:01:16 by stunkel

Hey everyone, just wanted to make a news post about getting 100 fans! Thank you so much to everyone who has been a fan or who have reviewed, downloaded and listened to my music. Every bit of that has gotten me to 100 and I can't thank you all enough. Newgrounds is such an awesome place with such a great community. So many great and humble minds with so many talented people. I'm so glad I can be apart of it :D Again, thanks for everything guys :D



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2013-02-05 15:22:29

Gratz, mate, here's to another hundred fans!

stunkel responds:

Thanks man :p


2013-02-05 17:13:27

Congrats :D

stunkel responds:

Thanks man :D


2013-02-05 18:19:18

:-) You deserve it. Congrats

stunkel responds:

Thank you good sir :D


2013-02-05 20:32:00

Congratulations man! You'll hit 200 before you know it! :D

stunkel responds:

Thanks! I hope so :3


2013-02-05 22:29:07

Ahh! you're catching up! :P

Congrats man, I'm sure it won't be long until we see 200. ;)

stunkel responds:

I will catch you soon! :P

And I'm sure we will both get there soon enough!


2013-02-06 00:08:05

Hell yeah! And to think we had the same amount of fans at one point. Great job, and here's to 1000 fans! :D

stunkel responds:

Yeah man, we've been sticking with it since the beginning! You will be at 100 in no time man, and probably passing me and tons of other people. Thanks for the help and months of giving feedback :D


2013-02-06 05:19:47

Congrats! You really deserve it. :)

stunkel responds:

Thanks :D


2013-02-08 04:03:12

Thank you for your kind words to us fans, we could never see a world without stunkel.
That is why I am proud to be your fan.

stunkel responds:

Thanks man, really appreciate the support and everything :D


2013-02-08 16:53:51

You have sufficient minions for a grand roman orgy, Lord Stunkel!

stunkel responds:

Indeed I do >:) And it shall be the greatest orgy the world has ever known!