New song and update on other stuff

2013-02-14 08:38:58 by stunkel

So within the past two weeks, some cool stuff has happened. The biggest thing being that I recently got 100 fans :D, I said this on my other post, but I really do appreciate everyone that is a fan, anyone who supported me, gave reviews, and even just clicked on my pieces. Thanks so much for everything.

I posted a new song called Exodus, you can Click here to Listen to it. Feel free to leave a review and tell me what you think! It's my first cinematic piece really and some feedback would be helpful! I made the song for MAC13 Orchestral Contest, so hopefully I can place in this one. I am yet to place in a contest so far DX But we will see how the judges like my piece compared to the rest. There have been some great entries, so just placing would be a great accomplishment.

I haven't been posting nearly as often as I did in 2012, part of it is because I have been busy with a ton of other music gigs and I think I have just been taking a little extra care with my songs now. Which I am very happy about because I think my music quality is improving a lot. I am not at that professional level yet, but I am on my way. Once I hit that professional level I think I might make an album with me singing (or someone else maybe) or maybe just try a new genre instead of orchestral, try some rock or metal stuff for a change. I just got some new guitar software instruments so I think I should put those to use.

Well, that's pretty much all I have to to say, it'd be great if you all could check out my new song Exodus as I mentioned before. And check out my youtube channel, Facebook and sound cloud page!

Thanks for reading everyone!


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2013-02-14 11:05:44

Yaaay for singing, preferably you singing!!!

stunkel responds:

Haha yep! I'm a little self conscious about my voice, but I think I need to get over it and just record stuff


2013-02-14 15:16:48

Stunkel is the most smelly willy of them all.

But good job mate.

stunkel responds:

I didn't think I was THAT smelly.

But thanks man :D


2013-02-16 06:18:28

More like a POO song, am i right?

stunkel responds:

Damnit will.