Updates on Stuff and Posting a Song next week!

2013-03-05 19:39:47 by stunkel

So I haven't uploaded in about two weeks but I am in the works on a song right now! I have been working on getting better and higher production value from my orchestral music. I have been getting tips from some very well known and successful people on newgrounds to make it better and it really is helping me a lot! So I plan to upload sometime next week.

I haven't really uploaded in some time because I have been busy with school, other projects, and I am getting lazier which I told myself I would not do, but I will try to be better about it. Also, I plan to upload some different genres other than orchestral for a change. I want to do some 8-bit and rock music.

If anyone has any good drum software instruments to suggest, please go right ahead and suggest! I need something different than the Logic Pro drums.

Speaking of 8-bit, I am also going to be entering the new MAC contest which is specifically for 8-bit music. I have very little experience with 8-bit music but I figure it would be fun to try out. I have something cool in mind for it so get ready for that!

Anyways, thanks for reading this guys! I really appreciate everyone who supports me and my music. I will upload a song next week for sure! Thanks again!



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How was your MAC?

stunkel responds:

I actually ended up not doing it unfortunately :/ I couldn't get something that I enjoyed. The winner made an amazing entry though so I didn't have much of a chance DX