Mentioned in Article, Front-paged, and 8BIT music??

2013-10-16 10:22:23 by stunkel

A lot of cool stuff is going on this week! So here's a little update on what's been going on, some cool stuff, new stuff, and just a lot of... stuff. If you aren't interested in reading any of this... THEN THAT'S JUST TOO BAD!

First off with something cool. I got a one sentence mention in an article for the Android game Terrible Teeth on the website! I haven't gotten any sort of mention in an article before and one sentence seems pretty awesome to me :p It's not much but hey, gotta start somewhere I guess. I'm honestly not really into doing articles or anything like that, I don't see it as a big deal, but it's pretty fun to see a gaming website say good things about my music. And the best part is they made a typo in the ONE SENTENCE which my name appears XD Pretty funny.

Here is the link to the article if anyone is interested

So I think you can check my last few news posts and you will see me mentioning that I will be doing 8-bit music. And it's funny because I kept on saying I would do it (having my mind set on doing it anyways), and I never got around to it... UNTILL NOW! I have actually just posted an 8-bit song last night! Click here if you want to be directed to my 8-bit song "Waves". The song uses 8-bit instruments for the most part, but it does not actually follow any 8-bit rules rules. I used my own kick and snare, I used reverb, and I didn't limit myself to the number of instruments that old classic consoles like NES or Genesis allowed. In that sense, I did not follow any rules, but it still sounds 8-bit! However the genre would most likely fall under a more Electro or Trance electronic genre (IDK MY ELECTRONIC GENRES SRRYLOL) But for real, if anyone who is experienced in electronic or 8-bit music is reading this, I would love to get some feedback as to how I could make it better. Thanks! And expect more 8-bit from me! I had a lot of fun making it :)

Also feel free to mention how much you hate electronic genres and how there are way too many of them. I think breaking down one genre into 100 different sub-genres just because it has a different emotion behind it is pretty stupid. I know it's mainly because of big electronic music events and clubs, but could you imagine if orchestral music was the same exact way?? I'm sure that statement is a little bit false in one way or another, but you get my point. In short, I think the idea of genres is really stupid because it brings up debate of what each genre should classify, and there are no real rules behind it and does not really make sense x_x. In short, I think genres are stupid.

And I am still working on that iPhone game. No big updates with that, and I said I won't give any spoilers, but there will be a community editor and high score systems. We are making it as perfect as we can be! We have hit some roadblocks but we are managing to get through them pretty well. I'll be mentioning it here on my newgrounds post when it's released.

Also, my song Trapped in a Snowglobe (<--Link to Song) was front-paged last night :DD This is my second front-page that i have gotten and it's really exciting to know that it got chosen to go up there. It feels a lot better when it's a song that I put more heart into as well. So thank you to the people in newgrounds who selected my song to go up on the front-page, it means a lot to me!

Thanks for reading this guys, I'll make a new post whenever i have a new song to show or anything. But feel free to check out my soundcloud and my youtube


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2013-10-16 14:06:54

I totally agree on the genre thing. Great job on the mention man things are looking pretty up, and I can't wait for your SECRET iPhone game ;D

stunkel responds:



2013-10-16 19:34:24

Congrats! Looks like a cool game and also being frontpaged is always awesome :D Keep it on!

stunkel responds:

Thanks man! Get back on Skype sometime!


2013-10-17 07:53:29

Congrats! Looks like you're moving up in the world. :)

stunkel responds:

Thanks man :) Yeah hopefully it keeps going up from here!


2013-10-17 22:27:44

You're moving up. Lucky dude. :)

stunkel responds:

Thanks man! And hopefully!


2013-10-18 21:43:53

Congrats on getting front paged, you lucky dog! ;)

stunkel responds:

Thanks! Someone is watching me x_x And c'mon... don't act surprised... you've been front-paged multiple times :P