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Hey guys! New sound design demo on my new website! Check it out :)

Hey guys! New sound design demo on my new website! Check it out :)

New Album: Echoes of Adventure

2015-11-16 13:33:57 by stunkel

Echoes of Adventure is an album portraying a make-believe RPG soundtrack. All of the tracks are 1-2 minute loops inspired by classic RPG's on all consoles dating all the way back to the Nintendo Entertainment System. 

Upon downloading the full album, you will receive a fadeout and a seamless loop of each track. This way, you can have the music for general listening enjoyment, or use it in your game or other projects if you have contacted me to license the music. 


Download the album for free here!



Hey everyone! A new game that I did sounds for is now on Steam! You can buy the game on sale on it's own here

Or you can buy it in a bundle and get a ton of other games with it here!

The game is an open-world space platformer with a metroid feel to it and is highly focused on exploration. You explore different planets and follow the main story line while collecting guns and upgrades fighting a wide variety of unique enemies. The main game is a lot of fun and you can find up to 5 guns in the main story, but there are 12 guns total to collect from just exploring the planets. I'm pretty happy with how all of this turned out. I really hope you guys give it a try! Thanks for reading and any amount of support is greatly appreciated :)


Wind Waker Medley!

2015-09-01 13:37:48 by stunkel

Hey everyone, here's a little Zelda: Wind Waker Medley for ya. Enjoy :)

It's also on newgrounds under Audio on my page. Check it out!

To celebrate Mario's 30th anniversary, I thought it would be appropriate to release an album called “Across the Worlds”, with music inspired by Mario as well as other Nintendo franchises, including Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda and countless others I could name. I'd appreciate it if everyone could take a listen and possibly share it if you like it!

Across the Worlds will be free for one month starting today!

Listen to the album on Bandcamp!


Majoras Mask Redub!

2015-06-15 13:58:32 by stunkel

Hello everyone! New Misinterpreted Video!

Special thanks to @TheDukeofJuke for voicing in this! Go follow him!

Avengers 2 Trailer Redub

2015-05-01 18:13:13 by stunkel

A new misinterpreted trailer everyone! Redid the voices, sounds and music as usual.

Special thanks to @TheDukeofJuke and @Chongo for helping voice! They did an awesome job. 

If anyone else wants to contribute to one of these Misinterpreted Trailers, send me a PM or comment, I'm always looking for more voice actors and people to contribute!

Redubbed Jurassic World Trailer

2015-03-09 13:40:22 by stunkel

Hello everyone! I redid the sounds, music and voices for the Jurassic World Trailer. 


Misinterpreted Jurassic World Trailer



Beats by Dre Commercial Redubbed

2015-02-16 16:33:25 by stunkel

I made a new Misinterpreted Video! It's a Beats by Dre Commercial with Cam Newton. I recorded all of the sounds from scratch and replaced the music to make it a little bit goofy c:

Click the link below to watch it!

Hope you all enjoy :)